Stupid50 – The Mainstreet Marketplace


We are giving away 50 items at Stupid prices.

The sale will comprise 50 items, ranging from the Off-White Jordan 1s in the UNC colourway, to Jordan 1 Mochas, Yeezy Breds, Drewhouse and Essentials apparel, and more. All Shoes, Hoodies and Tees are for INR 4,999/-, 2,999/- and 999/- respectively. 


1. The entry gates for lineup/registration will open at 11PM, 12th November 2021.
2. The first person to enter the gate during the time of registration will be officially registered.
3. Registration at the registration counter is mandatory.
4. Mainstreet reserves the right to request proof of a participant's eligibility if there is a doubt over his/her eligibility for the participation.
5. People who engage in a dispute (verbal or physical) at the location will be disqualified.
6. Roll calls will be done randomly. If you are not present during a roll call your name will be struck from the list.
7. There will be a mix of first come first serve (FCFS) and entries that will be selected randomly from the registered participants standing in the queue via Randompicker.
8. There is no point lining up prior to the 12th of November.

Please go through all the T&Cs thoroughly. Click here to know more.