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It’s just like regular Tambola but win some real hype instead.

The event will take place on YouTube Livestream on the 13th of June, at 9:00 pm IST.

Tickets are 999/- each. Buy 2 get 1 free.

Rules :
- It’s just like Tambola
- Tickets are 999/- each
- For every 2 tickets you buy, you get a third free
- Instead of numbers, 90 hype items will be assigned from a batch one after the other
- The draw will take place on YouTube Livestream
- As soon as you hit a prize - you must WhatsApp the Mainstreet Number with your name, ticket number, claim
- Your claim will be verified and the prize assigned accordingly
- False claims will be disqualified, so be careful
- Each person can win a maximum of 2 prizes; First being Jaldi 5 or Four Corners or any of the lines; the Second being a straight up Full House.
- One Full House per call to be assigned.

- Jaldi 5 x 2 - Supreme Oreos
- Four Corners x 2  - Supreme Accessory
- Top Row - Anti Social Social Club Tee
- Middle Row - Anti Social Social Club Tee
- Bottom Row - Anti Social Social Club Tee
- 3rd FULL HOUSE - Drew Hoodie
- 2nd FULL HOUSE - Jordan 1 Low
- 1st FULL HOUSE - Chunky Dunky

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