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Legit Check - Ten Products

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Specifications of every product that help identify its authenticity. We will require you to take photos of certain parts of your shoes to help authenticate specific items. The following is a list of a few things we look for according to the kind of sneaker. 


⁃ Label on the box
⁃ Toe box
⁃ Side ditch 
⁃ Basic side appearances
⁃ Wings logo on both sides
⁃ Size tags on the inside 
⁃ A picture from the back angle 
⁃ The soles
⁃ Tissue paper on the shoe 

*When Jordan’s come to NRGs (i.e Travis) criteria will change to the following 

⁃ The insoles 
⁃ The inside of the shoe without the insoles
⁃ Close up of the swoosh 
⁃ The cactus jack logo on the back
⁃ All additional pieces that are added not original to the design 


⁃ Font
⁃ Wings logo (if it’s a Jordan)
⁃ Swoosh 
⁃ Zip tie (specific parts) 
⁃ Size tags inside
⁃ Front and back of the insole 
⁃ Toe box
⁃ Various written elements on the shoe like “air’
⁃ Soles and back of the insoles
⁃ Box label 


⁃ Neck tags and the back of the neck tags
⁃ Wash tags (if it’s a hoodie or a crew neck they will be at the bottom bit of the product)
⁃ Box logos
⁃ Close up of the box logo
⁃ The logo from the inside to study the stitch (if it’s a hoodie)

Any apparel like VLONE, OFF WHITE, any designer etc. 
⁃ Tags on the product (the wash tags, the neck tags and the stitch of the tags) 
⁃ The packaging if available

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